Fields Of Expertise

Commissioned by multinational clients, investment companies, project  developers and authorities at a local, regional and national level, Tauw employees contribute to the creation of a clean, safe and sustainable environment.

We help clients with all their environmental issues, from strategic consultancy to environmental measurements and on-site technical support. By looking at familiar issues from a different perspective, we create new views and ingenious solutions. This different perspective – wider than technology, further than just today – ensures that our product portfolio is permanently developing and is always tuned to a constantly changing society.

Local experts, global services

In addition to technical expertise, a wide product portfolio and great empathy, there is another crucial pillar in Tauw’s consultancy: local presence. To really get to know our clients and build on long-term relationships, Tauw has an elaborate network of regional offi ces in Europe. Outside Europe, we support our clients from the CAT Alliance, a joint venture, representing Tauw in more than fifty countries worldwide. This means that our consultants are able to work close by their clients. The best solutions originate from dedicated cooperation, in our opinion.