Tauw provides EDD in sale of Vion Ingredients

Datum: 16-10-2013

Vion Ingredients was sold to Darling International for 1.6 billion Euros. Tauw assisted Vion as the environmental due diligence (EDD) provider for 62 locations worldwide, mapping their soil situation and the risks involved.

The tendering process yielded 6 parties who could make a final bid. Darling International from the US, the de facto American counterpart of Vion Ingredients, made a very good bid resulting in a swift deal. The environment was an important issue for Darling and, thanks to the subsequent joint input on the part of Vion Ingredients and Tauw, Darling had a good ‘feeling of comfort’ expediting the sale process.

The role played by Tauw
When sites are sold or bought it is in the interests of both parties involved to ensure a proper risk assessment is carried out. This prevents unpleasant surprises from cropping up later on. Tauw is an important international player in the field of environmental due diligence and assisted Vion on earlier occasions during acquisitions. Tauw also played an active role in the case of this take-over, this time as ‘vendor due diligence provider’ (take-over survey on behalf of the vendor).

Vion Ingredients
Vion Ingredients was part of Vion N.V. and has approximately 5,700 employees. With 58 companies worldwide Vion Ingredients is active in the field of developing, processing and selling value-added slaughterhouse by-products. These products, such as gelatine, proteins and fats, are successfully sold to a variety of B2B markets such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, feed, energy and technology industries. Thanks to this processing industry slaughterhouse by-products undergo one hundred per cent processing and recycling.

Vion Ingredients reacted enthusiastically to Tauw’s contribution: 'we’re very satisfied with the professional, adequate and conscientious support in the completion of this Merger & Acquisition process: again it was a great pleasure to co-operate with Tauw’, said Richard van Lijssel, Director Technology of Vion Ingredients.