Nowadays business always is global entrepreneurship. However, each and every activity has a local touch.

Over the last 25 years Tauw has been servicing the multinational industry. We work for over 25% of the top 100 industries in Europe. We have experience, knowledge and understanding of industries, particularly in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer care products, food and drinks, manufacturing, consumer goods storage and logistics, metal, packaging, construction, building materials, energy and oil & gas.

We are consultants with experience, state of the art expertise, well understanding the clients’ business environment and knowing the local and international context.

Our services apply to operational compliance up to the company’s policy and strategy in the framework of economic, ecologic and societal responsibilities. Our support could either be in the context of operational excellence or in connection with mergers & acquisitions or any other business developments. We perform to add value to the clients’ business and to sustain best practices.

For Industry we provide services in the field of environmental management, SHE due diligence (Phase I and II), soil remediation, site (re)development, spatial planning, water management, waste handling, emission monitoring, occupational health and safety, noise and nuisance, compliance management, sustainability, energy management and climate change.

Tauw Group offers her clients a global network of expertise and experience that provides bespoke services. CAT Alliance is among the world’s largest providers of cross boundaries environmental and related due diligence services, and combines the resources and strengths of three of Europe's renown consultancies: COWI, Geosyntec and Tauw, drawing on the experience and cross fertilization of more than 15,000 professionals around the world. Wherever the clients wants us to perform we’ll manage.

Selected industrial clients are:


• Akzo Nobel

• BP

• Continental

• Corus



• DuPont

• E.ON

• ExxonMobil


• GE

• Givaudan

• Heineken

• Huntsman

• Michelin

• Nike

• Philips

• Saint Gobain

• Shell

• Siemens

• Solvay

• Stork

• ThyssenKrupp

• Total

• Vopak