Clean-up and restoration after fire – New Town Hall Regensburg

Principal: Regensburg
Advice zone: Harmful substances in buildings
Customergroup: Local authorities, Industry
Contact Detlev Michler
T +49 94 14 63 06 16

In May 2009 a smouldering fire started in the roof truss of the new town hall in Regensburg causing the roof construction and a number of fixtures (cable lines, base plate insulation etc.) to be damaged by fire. The building, particularly the office spaces located on the top floor, is from a modern perspective very badly insulated, so the Regensburg Council decided to renovate and reconstruct the entire top floor after this fire.

As part of the clean-up operation and reconstruction activities, the complete roof truss in the area damaged by the fire as well as the adjoining roof sections outside the area affected by fire were demolished/restored and a new roof truss with integrated thermal insulation was erected. Within the framework of their capacity as the coordinating party the Tauw specialists drew up a risk assessment (specifying a hazardous area after a fire) based on measurements carried out to detect harmful substances. They also drew up a plan of action and safety plan for the dismantling activities intended to remove the building materials containing harmful substances / constituting a health hazard. The plans also contain specifications with regard to the protective measures to be taken for the separate work areas (inside and outside). In addition the personal protective equipment to be worn by the employees of the demolition firm during demolition work was inspected. Corresponding health and safety measures were specified for additional building materials on a smaller scale found to contain harmful substances / pronounced to form a health hazard. This concerns building materials which were concealed by means of wall coverings etc. before the commencement of the demolition work (concealed asbestos cement ventilation pipes, fire dampers in solid ceilings which have to be removed/demolished within the framework of renovation activities etc.). The project was completed by the end of 2010.