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Governance and organisation

In 2017, Tauw opted for a unique form of employee participation: participatory leadership. Ownership and participation have been deliberately separated from the management structure. All Tauw employees with a permanent contract have been given certificates and at least 50% of them have independently purchased additional share certificates.


Participatory leadership: in it together

"The starting point is to govern together”

People-owned and proud

In our view, this participatory leadership is a very logical choice. Our employees have always felt strongly committed to the Tauw organisation. We achieve our results together and everyone has an equal stake in them.

The proceeds of the sale of Tauw share certificates go to the Tauw Foundation. The board of the Tauw Foundation has an independent position.

As a result of this ownership structure, Tauw is not a publicly traded company.


Tauw Group

Tauw is organised as Tauw Group with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy and more than 1,100 employees. In Europe, Tauw holds a top 3 position in the field of environmental consulting.

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Annual figures

“We achieve our results together. Everyone has an equal stake”

Tauw is doing well. In recent years, we achieved overall positive results. This is in line with our 2020 Tauw Group Strategy that focusses on further strengthening our position in Europe.

Key figures

In 2017, Tauw achieved an 8% turnover increase: from 109 million euros in 2016 to 119 million euros in 2017, with a gross result of 3,7 million euros. The net result increased from 2.9 million to 3.0 million. Results we can be proud of.

2018 and beyond: outlook

The combination of a financially stable situation and our unique form of employee participation gives our organisation a stable foundation for the future. In the coming years, there is ample room for innovation, employee development and further growth. To acquire and maintain our strong position in Europe, we will invest heavily in technological solutions. We believe such investments are necessary in our radically changing environment, which needs sustainable solutions. We will also focus on further strengthening our position in the European industrial sector.


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