Why is digitalisation so important?

Data science and technology are evolving rapidly and are changing the shape of our world. The problems that our clients come to us with are becoming increasingly complex and demand a more integrated approach, as they are confronted with:

  • Stakeholders who are more assertive in their own communication. This means they also demand more and better communication from our clients.
  • Ever-increasing challenges associated with using, analysing and storing (project) data.
  • Tasks and working processes that must be automated and accelerated.

Tauw believes that a strong link exists between digitalisation and sustainability. By using data science and technology, we can gain a better understanding of our world's ecosystems and environmental systems. In this way, we can help our clients create added value for themselves and their working processes.


Digitalisation as a component of our services

Clients want to be able to deal effectively with the growing opportunities, requirements and expectations related to data. Our data consultants help them make better and faster decisions. This allows them to deliver real changes in a sustainable, digital manner. We do so in areas including soil and water.

Data consultancy 

Our data consultants are experts in the field of data management and data science within Tauw's knowledge domains. Thanks to our data consultancy services, clients can make better and faster decisions about the how they work with data, so they are prepared for the future. Our data consultancy services may consist of multiple aspects, with the goal always being to help the client:

  • to structure, organise and reuse data (data management)
  • to comply with data (exchange) standards and data regulations (data compliance)
  • to reap the benefits of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (data science)
  • to take better data-driven decisions using data-driven solutions (data-driven dashboards)
  • to optimise data exchange (data collaboration)

Data consultancy is not new for Tauw: it has been an (implicit) element of our project activities for many years. The digital services we offer are growing rapidly, just as the number of integral (data-related) questions from clients.

Digital tools and applications

Tauw goes beyond simply using various tools and applications of others smartly and innovatively: we also develop our own digital products. These help us continuously improve the services we provide to our customers. A few examples:


  • 3D Conceptual Site Modelling
    A Conceptual Site Model is a schematic representation of the subsurface situation. Interpreting drilling results and the environmental context (such as groundwater flows) etc. is complex. The 3D Conceptual Site Model can be used by soil consultants to view basic information from all sides. The model highlights gaps in the available knowledge about the site, which allows Tauw to conduct additional surveys. The result is a full, clear image of what's going on in the soil.
  • Smart water management with machine learning
    Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn themselves, without the need for programming by humans. This leads to opportunities for water management, because water-related problems affecting multiple areas can quickly lead to people “drowning” in the volume of model data. Machine learning makes future-proof water management possible. It also delivers energy savings and increases the lifespan of pumping stations and other structures. Ultimately, this reduces costs.
  • Design and consultancy in virtual and augmented reality
    Our innovative 3D visualisations are used to enhance our consultancy work. By adding experience and feeling, and permitting user-friendly interaction, we help all stakeholders to participate in our consultancy and design work.