3D Conceptual Site Models for complex soil and subsurface projects

Tauw uses 3D Conceptual Site Models (3D CSM’s) to gain insight into the soil and deeper subsurface of a study area. By intelligently combining, managing and visualising public, acquired and generated data about the study area, we can offer more detailed and understandable advice to our customers.

7 December 2019 - 3D Conceptual Site Models are schematic 3D models that are based on data input. The principles behind it are based on Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the subsurface. Underground objects like bore holes, monitoring wells, soil structures, pollution fumes, foundations, remediation measures, pipes and cables are displayed in 3D. This enables a system-based approach to managing and visualising information about the subsurface. A better insight is also obtained into its relationship with relevant above-ground objects like buildings, roads, lampposts and trees. 

Why use 3D CSM?

Clients are encountering increasingly complex soil and subsurface-related issues, which require an integrated systems approach. Tauw uses 3D CSM’s to create the most comprehensive and transparent insight into all available information about a study location and relationships between the different types of information. This makes it possible to determine whether there is enough information for appropriate advice or whether additional research is needed into so-called ‘knowledge gaps’.

Benefits for clients

Clients can also access the 3D CSM, which means you can quickly see risks and knowledge gaps for your project. Our advisors will feed information into the model throughout the project, so you will continuously have an effective insight into the location-specific status of the subsurface and its interactions with other objects.

Technical issues become easier for everyone to understand because 3D CSM can schematically visualise a lot of complex information. This also makes it a lot easier to communicate with qualified authorities and other stakeholders.

Experiences and developments

Over the past year, several of our customers - ranging from the industrial sector to public bodies - have been very positive about the use of 3D CSM.

Tauw is one of the market leaders when it comes to visualising the subsurface in 3D. We play an active role in developing new technologies and continuously search for opportunities to add value to our work processes and services using 3D technology.

The value of 3D CSM’s grows further in combination with other applications. We have already made it possible to experience 3D CSM in Virtual Reality and are actively testing other combinations. For example, Augmented Reality (to see the subsurface on site), Machine Learning (to generate new information from data) and sensors (to show change in real time).

More information?

If you would like more information about the benefits of 3D CSM for your projects, check out this video on YouTube and/or visit our webpage.
Of course, you can also contact our experts:

Morrisson Kramer, morrisson.kramer@tauw.com, +31 62 00 50 92 6 
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