Annemieke Nijhof to become Chair of the ‘Safety in Chemistry’ Steering Group

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has asked Annemieke Nijhof, Tauw Group CEO, to become Chair of the Steering Group for the ‘Sustainable Safety in Chemistry 2030’ programme. The government, industry and science are working together in this programme with the aim of eliminating all incidents involving harm to citizens or the environment in the chemical industry by 2030.

According to State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, Sharon Dijksma, current safety policy is too often incident driven and lacks a concerted and comprehensive long-term agenda. She is aiming for a non-toxic environment (link to our Dutch website). Industry, government and research institutes jointly developed a strategic paper in the autumn of 2016. The document describes the vision for safety in the chemical industry up to 2030.

This vision was presented in the autumn to directors and managers from the (petro) chemical and industry, ministries, municipalities, provinces, safety regions, and research institutes. Tauw CEO Annemieke Nijhof led the creation of the strategic paper and presented the results at this meeting. In the coming year, she will chair the Steering Group which will define and monitor the programme’s strategy. Nijhof: 'I think it is important to really work together on the long-term challenges the sector is facing. No one should compete on safety: to reach the next level, transparency and sharing are an absolute must.'


The programme is mapped out in 5 roadmaps:

  •  Roadmap 1: Safe investments and disinvestments, sustainable asset management
  • Roadmap 2: Towards an integrated policy implementation
  • Roadmap 3: Towards a transparent and secured sector
  • Roadmap 4: Space for (petro)chemical clusters
  • Roadmap 5: Towards a high-quality knowledge system for the chemical industry

State Secretary Dijksma considers it important to establish of long-term goals for sustainable safety. ‘It can be fruitful if government, industry and science work together on ambitions for a safe and healthy environment. The horizon for the collaboration is 2030, the dot on the horizon is a safe industry with no incidents involving harm to residents or the environment.’

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