Annemieke Nijhof transfers management Tauw to Henrike Branderhorst and Ralph van Roessel

On 1 November 2018, Annemieke Nijhof [52] will hand over her role as CEO at Tauw Group B.V. to Henrike Branderhorst and Ralph van Roessel. Over the past seven years, Nijhof has steered Tauw towards a financially healthy, participatory organisation with a solid European base. She now feels it is time for a new management team. Nijhof will continue to work as a consultant for Tauw.

With Henrike Branderhorst [46] and Ralph van Roessel [43], Tauw will have a young, energetic and supported management team. The two new leaders will each have the same management responsibility, and will share the portfolio. Branderhorst will serve as Chair of the Board and, as such, will be the face of Tauw. Branderhorst: “Making the move from our current management positions to the management board is an exciting step for us. At the same time, we are very pleased that Annemieke will remain active in Tauw.”

Solid foundations

The reason for this handover is that Annemieke Nijhof searches for a better work-life balance. In the past seven years she has laid down/built/realised a solid foundation for the future of the Tauw organisation. “I am extremely proud of the development Tauw has made in recent years and the fact that I have been able to make an active contribution. We are a healthy, and display self-confidence and ambition. Participation is solidly embedded in the organisation and we have a fantastic, highly independent leadership team who share responsibility for Tauw’s future.” Nijhof is not leaving Tauw and will continue to be available to deal with the special demands of clients, such as mediation and complex managerial issues. Nijhof: “I think it is very special and symbolic to go into Tauw’s 90th year with two new young leaders at the helm.”

Tauw roots

Henrike Branderhorst and Ralph van Roessel both have their roots in Tauw. They complement each other well in terms of personality and experience, and have a shared dream for Tauw. This new management team is grateful for the trust and wants to continue to build on the foundations laid down by Nijhof in recent years. “With the specific knowledge and skills of our consultants in the Netherlands and abroad, Tauw is uniquely positioned to tackle the current social issues around climate change and the shape of the built environment”, according to the new Tauw management team. “Our challenge is to implement this course of action with courage and a positive attitude, and to provide a healthy financial return and a stronger focus on our European activities in order to continue to contribute to relevant social issues in the next 90 years.” The choice for a duo-leadership team matches Tauw’s current size, and allows the existing short lines between the Board and senior management to be maintained.

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