Annual figures show strong performing Tauw in 2016

Tauw performed above expectations in 2016. Turnover increased by 6.7% and we saw an increase of 24 FTE (average) in employee numbers. In all countries where Tauw is located, the performance was above budget. "An achievement to be proud of," says Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of Tauw Group

According to Nijhof, drivers for the positive results are a slowly improving market and more focus of the company on the fields of work where Tauw is leading, such as , environmental services for industry measuring and inspection services, and the sustainable development of the environment. "This year we have benefited from the company's ongoing improvements. Think of streamlining our business processes with LEAN and increasing our commercial effectiveness. The key success factor remains the passion, dedication and creativity of our more than 1,000 employees."

In Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, Tauw improved its result (EBT) to a total of EUR 1.9 million. In Belgium, Tauw acquired environmental consultant and soil expert Geosan. Nijhof: "This underlines our international growth ambitions. Geosan is an excellent addition to the services of Tauw in Belgium."

In the Netherlands, Tauw performed well with a result (EBT) of EUR 2.5 million. An important milestone was the opening of the seventh and eighth office in respectively Enschede and Leeuwarden.

The total workforce of Tauw Group grew last year by 6.5% to 1,069 employees (year-end 2016). "This year we are looking for many new employees again. We currently have about 30 and an additional 15 to 20 for talented graduates to enter our traineeship program," says Nijhof.

Leading projects

In the Netherlands, Tauw played an agenda-setting role in the national authorities programs for the removal of asbestos roofs, long-term safety issues for the chemical industry, city deals on climate adaptation, and the accelaration of the sustainable development of the construction sector. Nijhof: "I am a member of the task force for the latter, because I am fully committed to foster the knowledge and experience of engineering in addressing major challenges concerning energy, raw materials, climate change adaptation and replacement of existing infrastructure."

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