Capacity building of the Government of Aruba in soil and groundwater management

Aruba is one of the most developed and most densely populated Caribbean islands. In charge of ensuring a sustainable healthy environment for people and environment in Aruba is the Directorate of Nature and Environment (DNM). To make the most use of the scarcely available land the DNM wished to develop capacity in the field of contaminated soil and groundwater management. Tauw and our Aruban partner ASDF have been contracted to assist the Directorate of Nature and Environment in this process.

The first step is the development of a soil quality map of the island. This soil quality map will establish for the main soil types the actual soil quality and will serve as a baseline for future developments as well as clean-up projects.

In this process Tauw has, in close consultation with the client and available geological and geomorphological maps of the island, established the main soil types to be investigated. A tender will be drafted to execute the drilling, sampling and analysis for each unit to establish their quality.

Parallel to the above process Tauw and ASDF will build the capacity of the DNM on contaminated soil and groundwater management in a series of trainings. These trainings will focus on the use of the geographic information system (GIS) as well as general contaminated land management.

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