Climate advice for Interreg project Kliker

Tauw has been engaged to provide climate advice for the Interreg project Kliker, which involves six Dutch and five German municipalities working together in the Euregio Rhine – Waal.

These municipalities have a cross-border orientation and collaborate to learn from each other on how to cope with climate change. The focus is on mitigation: reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The objective is for each participating municipality to develop a road map describing a structured approach to achieving the mitigation targets. In addition, consideration is given to the issue of shaping climate adaptation (adapting to climate change) at the municipal and interregional level. The project is funded by the European Union.

Tauw consultancy

Tauw will provide advice to six Dutch municipalities. Its services will vary per municipality, since each has its own ambitions and requirements. Tauw will perform CO2 scans, draw up a road map based on a dialogue with stakeholders within the municipality, or provide greater process support. For example by involving local SMEs in climate policy development, or by setting up a climate project in cooperation with the greenhouse industry to further specify municipal climate policies.

Tauw is also involved in the learning programme between the municipalities in the two countries. In workshops, conferences and joint pilot projects the municipalities explore obstacles and opportunities in order to find feasible, inspiring solutions. Innovations are crucial in this respect. Not only in terms of sustainable technology, but also social innovations, such as alternative funding structures. How can you, given the financial downturn, achieve climate ambitions and projects and which role does the municipality have to play?

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