Dutch minister brings 2D drawing to life with Tauw AR app

For a moment minister Henk Kamp, the Dutch minister of Economic Affairs, stood in virtual reality. On April 10 he visited Twinsense 360, the company that developed the ‘Tauw Augmented Reality app’. “In his opinion, the Tauw AR app is a very good and innovative way to bring 2D technical drawings to life in 3D”, says Kamp. The minister visited the app developer because of his interest in virtual and augmented reality and its possible application in several industries. Especially the use in construction he considers to be promising.

Virtual and augmented

Virtual reality allows a person to look around in a virtual world created by a computer, for example with VR-glasses. Augmented reality means that 3D-elements are added to the current reality. The developed technologies offer numerous applications for construction, retail and logistics. Augmented reality for example can bring construction projects to life in 3D. This makes them immediately visible and ready to use. The development of these techniques goes extremely fast and the minister was surprised by the enormous diversity of applications of virtual and augmented reality.

Tauw AR app

The Tauw AR app transforms several 2D designs into 3D (buildings, technical information and the surroundings from all angles) with a smartphone. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

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