Ecological risk analyses of POP pesticides in polluted soil using the CALUX method

In the end of May a scientific article was published about the determination of ecological risks of soil, polluted with POP and other pesticides, using the animal cell tissue- and CALUX method. Boudwijn Fokke, senior project manager at Tauw, is co-writer of this article.

The article, written by BioDetection Systems B.V., Witteveen + Bos Consulting Engineers, POPs Environmental Consulting and Tauw B.V., describes the research of the ecological risks of soil in the landfill of Kanibandan (Tajikistan), which is polluted with POP pesticides. The most important conclusions are discussed by the parties in their joint article.

A summary of the scientific article, titled ‘Effect-based assessment of persistent organic pollutant and pesticide dumpsite using mammalian CALUX reporter cell lines’, is found on Springer Link.

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