EU project RECONECT starts

On 26th September the EU Horizon2020 project kicked off “RECONECT- Regenerating ECOsystems with Naturebased solutions for hydro-meteorological risk rEduCTion”, in Portofino, Italy. Tauw coordinates work package 2, ‘Demonstration’, and Floris Boogaard and Jan-Willem Knegt presented their approach for the following five years during which the project will be active.

Work package 2 aims to achieve cross-border knowledge exchange about ‘nature based solutions’ (or, ‘building with nature’ solutions) that are demonstrated or will be demonstrated in various EU countries, including the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, as well as through case studies from Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and Brasil. Being one of the ‘demonstrators’ itself, Tauw brings in the “Ruimte voor de Rivier” (‘room for the river’) project of ‘Stroomlijn’.

EU Horizon 2020
Tauw is represented in the project’s executive board and leads one of the 6 work packages, while partaking in most other work packages. We are one of the leaders in this large Horizon2020 project – with an EU contribution of around 13 million EUR, with a total expenditure profile of around 44 million EUR, and with 36 partners. For facts and figures of the project, please refer to:

The coming about of the project
A project of this stature brings a history. Much conceptualization, brainstorming, alliance formation and cups of coffee have preceded the current status. Overall project management is in the hands of IHE Delft with whom Tauw implemented different international studies into ‘waste water management’ and ‘heat-stress mapping’ in countries like the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand which were essential references to get involved in RECONECT.

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