European Water Tech Week 2018 - Tauw presents: Climate Resilient Cities

The global water technology sector is increasingly organized in hubs. The European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 (EWTW 2018) - which will take place from September 24 to 27 - will connect these hubs in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), the United Nations Innovating City for water technology. At this special event, the sector will meet and inspire each other in the innovative climate of WaterCampus Leeuwarden. One of the three lectures about ‘Climate Resilient Cities: 1001 Best Management Practices and innovations’ will be presented by Tauw and partners.

At EWTW 2018 innovation, technology and policy leaders from companies, universities and governments get together during several inspiring events. EWTW 2018 will among others feature the Wetsus Annual Congress 2018, Water Alliance WaterLink2018 and a dedicated trade show. All of this will be accompanied by a unique cultural program linked to water, to celebrate Leeuwarden’s official status of European Capital of Culture in 2018.

Multidisciplinary cooperation

The event will focus on the question how multidisciplinary cooperation can help to solve societal challenges around water. Issues like water scarcity, water pollution and water and health will be on the agenda, just like the water sector’s contribution to the circular economy. Viewpoints from businesses, science and politics will be brought to you by key-note speakers from all over the world. In interactive sessions and on the trade show floor, the topics will be elaborated further and business and development opportunities will be explored.

Session ‘Climate Resilient Cities: 1001 Best Management Practices and innovations’

Date and time: Wednesday afternoon September 26th 2018

Cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable for climate change and there is an urgent need to become more resilient. The risk of flooding, heat stress, water quality (micro-pollutants and plastic waste) and air quality need to be assessed. Several stress tests helps policy makers and practitioners to gather valuable data for decision makers at city level. Detailed insight in the vulnerability and resilience of their district enables them to implement climate adaptation measures in the near future.

In this session Floris Boogaard (Tauw/HUAS), Jeroen Kluck (Tauw/HvA), Karel Veeneman (wetterskip Fryslan) en Rui de Lima (Indymo) will present the lessons learnt from the 3 steps in climate adaptation approach: Analyse, Ambition, Act. Several successes will be presented and they will seek in an interactive discussion for ways to make more cities resilient.

Tauw presentation ‘Sharing 1001 BMPs’

Urban flooding and thermal stress have become key issues for many cities around the world. With the continuing effects of climate change, these two issues will become more acute and will add to the serious problems already experienced in dense urban areas around the globe. Therefore, urban planners and several stakeholders in public and private sector are in need of (quickscan) tools that can assess the vulnerability to floods and thermal stress. In this session Jeroen Kluck and Floris Boogaard present the latest research on international flood- and heatstressmodelling (examples from Europe, Africa and Asia), solutions implemented around the world and tools on international knowledge exchange.

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