Henry Raben appointed director of TAUW Netherlands

February 2, 2023 – The Board of Directors of TAUW Group has appointed Henry Raben (56) as director of TAUW Netherlands. As of April 1, Raben will take over the role of Henrike Branderhorst and Ralph van Roessel who, in addition to their role as co-CEOs of TAUW Group, jointly formed the management of TAUW Netherlands in recent years. This change ensures clearer governance because TAUW Netherlands is now positioned and managed in the same way as the other TAUW countries within the group. Ralph van Roessel will remain involved in the Netherlands as a director of TAUW Group.

06 February 2023

Ralph van Roessel confidently and proudly hands over his leading role in TAUW Netherlands to Raben. “As co-CEOs of TAUW Group, we will need all our attention in the coming years to realise the 2028 strategy. With the appointment of Henry, we are assured that TAUW Netherlands, as the largest entity in the group, will receive the committed and skilled attention and energy it deserves”. Henrike Branderhorst adds: “Henry has over 30 years of experience in both the public and private markets, works on the basis of trust and has an eye for talent and developments in the market. This is exactly what we believe TAUW Netherlands needs in the coming years and that is why we have chosen Henry with conviction”.

Henry Raben: “As TAUW, we are faced with the challenge of making an impactful contribution to social transformations such as the energy transition, biodiversity, circular economy, emission reduction, climate adaptation and data management. I consider it an honor to be able to take the lead in tackling these challenges together, in a way that fits our unique TAUW culture, which leads to great job satisfaction, great projects and satisfied customers. In addition, I would like to build on the foundation that now stands with the current Dutch management team. I think it is very important that we further improve the cooperation within TAUW Netherlands in order to take advantage of the many market opportunities. And thus giving our people the space to use their talents throughout the entire organisation.”

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