Long-term monitoring of the fish stock in the Albert Canal (Flanders, Belgium)

Tauw has been commissioned by the Flemish authorities to monitor the fish stock in the Albert Canal for a period of four years. Long-term research should provide information on diversity, abundance, population structure, trends and development of the fish stock in the Albert Canal.

With a water surface of 1,087 hectares, the Albert Canal is the largest water bodies in Flanders.
The canal connects Liège to Antwerp and has a total lenght of approximately 120 kilometres .The fish stock monitoring covers a total of nearly 100 kilometres.

The monitoring is carried out in collaboration with Kalkman Fishing Service. Several fishing methods are used to assess a complete insight in the fish stock. Based on this assessment, management targets can be defined and recommendations can be made for future fish stock management, e.g. stocking, fish migration, hydropower issues, habitat or nursery areas. The study should also provide insight in angling catches as a tool for monitoring trends in the fish stock.
The field work takes place over two weeks each year (october, november). The study will be finalised in 2015.

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