MIVAMIL project for Campine Recycling NV

"Mining and valorisation of critical Metals from former industrial landfills" Campine Recycling NV commissioned a MIP project (Environmental and Energy Technology Innovation Platform) to Tauw Belgium and Witteween+Bos who act as supervisors of the project in collaboration with Recmix, Jacobs Concrete, KU Leuven and OVAM.

This first of its kind project in Flanders focuses on the recoverability of critical metals still present in old industrial landfills and mono deposits. This particular criterion combined with the criterion of "Waste to Land" can be decisive on how to proceed with Enhanced Landfill Mining for this and other similar sites.

The older mono deposits of Campine Recycling are likely to contain substantial amounts of antimony. The MIVAMIL consortium will examine the recoverability combined with a study of the potential markets for the residues, for example secondary raw materials and raw materials for the steel industry, keeping in mind the specific treatment methods that were applied to these materials like separation methods, removal sulfide, carbonation, etc.

The final purpose of the MIVAMIL consortium is to embed the experience gained during the characterization of the landfill itself as well as the landfill material into research protocols for (historical) landfills, and to establish useful processes for the re-mining of (critical) metals and residues from non-ferrous industries.

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