New General Managers for Tauw Germany and Tauw Iberia

Katharina Jankowicz is the new General Manager for Tauw Germany. She takes over Roland Arnz’s position, who was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of Tauw Group. Together with Arnz she represented the management of Tauw Germany since 2008. During this time she was responsible for the offices in Berlin, Regensburg and Moers.

Manuel Villarrubia is the new General Manager of Tauw Iberia. He takes over this position from Bram de Borst, who was the interim manager for Tauw Iberia since september 2013. Manuel Villarrubia has a broad experience of more than 25 years in the environmental field, during his last job as Director of Water and Environment at Ayesa, a large Spanish contracting engineering company.

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