Novi Iskar Sewage Pumping Station officially opened

Ben Knapen, minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation, officially opened the Novi Iskar Sewage Pumping station on 12 May together with the Bulgarian minister for the Environment and Water, the mayor of Sofia and the Dutch ambassador in Bulgaria. Tauw supervised the design and building process for this project and supplied the process management.

Part of the project comprised completing the construction of the Nova Iskar sewage pumping station, which pumps waste water to the Kubratovo sewage treatment plant. The total costs of the construction of the Nova Iskar Sewage Pumping Station amounted to over 6 million Euros. This is partly financed by the European Union.

At the end of 2008 Tauw was commissioned to supervise the implementation of the renovation of the Kubratovo central sewage plant for the city of Sofia which provides waste water purification for a population of 1.2 million. The plant was due for a thorough overhaul in order to comply with the standards set out in the European rules and regulations for the removal of nitrogen and phosphate. The total size of the contract for Tauw amounted to 1.3 million Euros.

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