Positive result for Tauw in 2014: Better operating result in a difficult market

“Tauw’s recovery began in 2013 and has continued in 2014”, Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of Tauw Group consulting engineers, concludes. Nijhof: “The changes that we have deployed in recent years are now visible in our annual figures for 2014. Tauw Group closed the financial year with a positive operating result of 1.7 million euros.”

The CEO of the Dutch company is proud of the positive developments of the past two years. “It confirms that the choices made by Tauw in recent years proved successful for the continuation and improvement of services for our clients. All countries contributed positively to the result. The total turnover amounts to 104 million euros with an operating result of 1.7 million euros. Thus the profit grew slightly compared to the 1.6 million euros from 2013.”

Fewer costs, more investments

The main objective of the current restructuring is sustainable profit growth with a view to continuity. Nijhof: “We scored better in the field of tenders thanks to the changes we implemented and we experienced an increase in the volume of work. We are strongly focussed on improving our performance for our customers and we focus on markets where Tauw can make a difference. Think of safety and compliance management for companies. In addition we are reducing our fixed costs. We carried out major cuts in our real estate. We divested square metres and have further improved the sustainability of our offices. The benefits are twofold: we contribute to a better environment and reduce our fixed costs.”

By cutting costs the company can continue to invest and can face the future with confidence. Major items to invest in are staff development, trend-setting projects and the company’s innovative strength, for instance in advanced soil remediation.


In addition to investing in innovations, Nijhoff’s main ambition is to further develop the current approach. “We keep looking ahead and continue to develop ourselves within our expertise. We will continue to propagate innovations, to carry out great projects and to close 2015 with better results as well.”
With this course Nijhof wants to further strengthen Tauw in the current economic conditions and in this way be able to face future economic fluctuations.


The number of employees fell slightly to 985 (end 2014) representing 902 FTEs. Nijhof is proud of the energetic and motivated attitude of the staff and anticipates an increase in the number of employees. Nijhof: “The quality of our service is one-to-one directly proportional to the quality of our employees. This places high demands on Tauw colleagues. Not only where their expertise and professionalism are concerned, but also their motivation and competence to be able to achieve results and provide solutions for our clients. We want to be trailblazers in a world that is constantly changing. This means that employees at Tauw have to continuously develop themselves to deliver added value.”

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