Purpose-driven strategy pays off for TAUW

Sharp choices increase profitability

TAUW's financial statements for 2021 set another record as far as profitability is concerned. EBITDA increased by 11% to EUR 11 million. Ralph van Roessel, co-CEO of TAUW Group: “Our decision to give our mission, vision and values a more prominent role in our strategic decision-making is paying off. In another year affected by COVID-19, we prioritised the well-being of our employees and an increase of our positive environmental impact. This focus resulted in sharp decision-making that benefited our turnover as well as our profitability”.

TAUW has achieved excellent results for several consecutive years, and 2021 was no different.

Sharp choices

Henrike Branderhorst, co-CEO of TAUW Group: “We are increasingly selecting new projects based on their potential impact on major social themes such as climate change, biodiversity, green Industry, circularity, the energy transition and the ESG performance of companies. This means we are focusing on clients that help us to realize our vison and mission. We are thus no longer willing to work for just any potential client. We have become more selective”. Furthermore, we have pro-actively chosen to be a frontrunner in the way we support and facilitate our employees when deciding where, when and how they want to do their jobs.

Participative decision-making

All decisions were made in a distinctive manner. Van Roessel: “There are ever-growing calls within society for companies to really ‘walk the talk’ and act in a socially responsible manner. As a participative organisation in which our employees are the full owner of TAUW, we have organised this in a straightforward way. Employees are naturally involved in strategic decision-making, which has resulted in a more incisive approach when selecting projects and clients. It has also led to a strong drive to create a diverse and inclusive working environment for all kinds of employees”.

Focus for 2022

Due to high inflation, Europe’s heated labour market and the economic and societal impact of the war in Ukraine, the forecast for the long-term is uncertain. However, we believe we are well placed to further develop and implement our purpose-driven strategy of becoming a leading European Environmental consultancy. This involves focussing more aggressively on international growth from both a people and business perspective. Furthermore, we will continue to make future-proof choices as a provider of integrated and digitally-savvy environmental solutions. Firmly based in Europe, but with projects* around the globe, we will further increase our social and environmental impact by making sustainability tangible and feasible.



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