Recognition from DuPont for 5.000 hours without injuries

During DuPont’s global quarterly safety meeting in September, Tauw was recognized for their safe and flawless execution of work at the remediation site of DuPont in Bolzano, Italy. The Tauw team and the contractor (Vitali S.p.A.) were congratulated by DuPont for their achievement of working 5.000 hours without incidents or injuries.

Since 2012, a team of Tauw Italy has been engaged in the supervision, sampling and remediation management of the demolition and excavation of above mentioned legacy site of DuPont in Bolzano. During the project:

    75,000 cubic yards of structures were demolished
    20,000 tons of rubble from the structures were removed
    20,000 tons of soil and buried rubble were excavated

Specific project challenges included the limited working area and the excavation depth of 9 meters.

During the global safety meeting, DuPont's Project Director Markus Ackermann took the opportunity to comprehensively explain the project to an audience of some 180 DuPont staff and representatives of service providers. The recognition was well received by the DuPont global remediation safety management, which is a great compliment to the Tauw Italy project team.

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