Several Tauw countries involved in integrated CityChlor project

CityChlor is an international collaborative project aimed at exploring opportunities for the efficient handling of soil and groundwater contamination with volatile chlorinated solvents in the urban environment. Tauw the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France all contribute to this project.

Soil contamination is a frequent obstacle for spatial planning and urban (re)development. In the CityChlor project, 9 partners from Flanders, Germany, the Netherlands and France have joined forces, supported by Interreg. By means of literature studies, local pilot projects and specialised studies, CityChlor seeks answers and practical solutions for an efficient approach.

Tauw contributes to this project from its offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Our clients are Dutch partners NL Agency and the Municipality of Utrecht. Their job is, among other things, to tackle the socioeconomic aspects, including an integrated approach to inner city development.

Integrated approach

The assignment Tauw has received is: How can we ensure that developers and spatial planners include groundwater contamination as well as other underground aspects such as aquifer thermal energy storage, cables and ducts, and drainage in their plans in a timely fashion? At the moment they include them too late, if at all, thereby missing out on opportunities. The city of Utrecht has gained extensive experience in this context in its railway station area, particularly with the link between thermal storage and groundwater contamination. Tauw is involved in this from various perspectives. Tauw also has a lot of experience with the implementation of area-based groundwater management and sustainable management of soil and subsoil.

On 12 June Tauw is organising an international workshop in Stuttgart (one of the Citychlor partners) with approximately 30 CityChlor partners and experts in the field of spatial planning, property and groundwater who will be giving input for the final product that is to be delivered mid-October this year.

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