Sewage treatment on Bonaire to protect coral reef

Tauw is playing a major role in the realisation of the project Sewerage and Sanitation System Bonaire in which sewers are installed in order to protect coral reef from untreated sewage discharge.

The sea water surrounding Bonaire contains large amounts of nutrients from waste water that is dumped in the sea. This leads to algae growth, which suppresses coral growth. The large amounts of nutrients not only affect corals, but also the entire natural equilibrium underwater. The growth of harmful bacteria also increases, which may pose threats to public health.

The project is part of an EU programme and is jointly funded by USONA and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Activities include laying 54 km of vacuum sewers, constructing 4 vacuum stations, a booster pumping station and a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of approximately 58 m3/h.

Commissioned by MNO Vervat in an early stage, Tauw has carried out the design and calculation work for the treatment system, and has also been called in to support the M&E engineering. The Dutch contractors Flovac and Aan de Stegge and electrical engineers Mesc from Curacao are responsible for the mechanical and electrical engineering work. Hydroplan is leading the project.

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