Succesful seminars Thermal In Situ Soil Remediation in Frankfurt and Paris

Tauw, together with Krüger from Denmark and Terratherm from USA organized two seminars on Thermal remediation in April in Königstein near Frankfurt and in Paris. The seminars were attended by some 30 clients, who were enthusiastic about the potentials of Thermal remediation as a cost-effective technique.

Thermal treatment includes application of heat to the subsurface and transporting the mobilized contaminants to a treatment system for destruction or recovery of contaminants for storage and disposal. Thermal techniques can handle a large variety or organic compounds in each geological setting.

Since 2010 Terratherm, Krüger and Tauw organize seminars to provide clients with information on Thermal In Situ Remediation. Following earlier seminars in Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, this year the seminars were organized for clients located in the Germany and France. The clients represented organizations varying from multinational industries to governments and legislating authorities.

Seminars Frankfurt and Paris

Purpose of the symposium is to provide clients in the possibilities of thermal techniques. Maybe more important, with the information obtained in these seminars, they are able to ask the right questions when Thermal In Situ Remediation is proposed as a potential measure to remediate their impacted sites.

The audience learned about the basics of the different thermal in situ soil remediation techniques. A number of cases were presented providing details on the remediation of different contaminants ranging from low boiling volatile organic compounds (PCE, TCE etc.) to high boiling, persistent  contaminants such as dioxins in different geological settings (sand, clay, peat, stratified soils and fractured rock). Also costs aspects, performance and uncertainties were discussed that go with the design and application of the different techniques.
Thermal remediation is a niche in soil remediation. Tauw has proved to be a key player in this field. 

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