TAUW acquires GeoZICHT

European engineering consultancy TAUW acquires new knowledge and technology from 1 September with the take-over of GeoZICHT, a company specialised in drone-based services. With the acquisition, TAUW is able to advance its expertise in data gathering and data visualisations.

01 September 2023

Henry Raben (General Director of TAUW Netherland), Bob van der Meij (operationeel manager GeoZICHT), Ralph van Roessel (co-CEO TAUW Group), André Evers (Director GeoZICHT)

TAUW is a leading European engineering consultancy with a strong position in environmental consulting and in making sustainability feasible. The engineers and consultants at TAUW provide project consultancy, management and implementation for both the public and private sector. Offering a wide variety of services ranging from measurement taking, digital and analogue information collection to consultancy, TAUW offers high-quality knowledge and expertise to its clients and partners.

Henry Raben, General Director of TAUW Nederland says: “Digital solutions are an important part of our consultancy work as they make it possible for us to work faster and more efficiently, and to gain a better understanding of complex issues. By analysing and interpreting the collected data, our specialists can offer our clients enhanced consultancy services.”

“In a relatively short timeframe, GeoZICHT attained a strong market position and now has a wealth of knowledge, expertise as well as an impressive portfolio. This was a unique chance for TAUW to raise its data gathering and data visualisations to a higher level, which will help us improve the projects we carry out for our clients and partners.”

Ralph van Roessel, Co-CEO of TAUW Group explains: “This acquisition fits perfectly with our current strategy for TAUW Group to focus on social issues in which digital solutions play an important part, such as climate change, biodiversity, circularity, the energy transition and making the industry more sustainable. By adding GeoZICHT’s knowledge and expertise to TAUW, we have taken a significant step to achieving our ambition for innovative data technology.”

Bob van der Meij, operational manager at GeoZICHT says: “We have obtained a unique position in the market in a relatively short time. I am proud that TAUW not only recognised our development but is now offering GeoZICHT and our portfolio the opportunity to grow to new heights. TAUW is a prestigious engineering consultancy with specialised and passionate professionals, which makes the synergy with GeoZICHT obvious. We look forward to working on projects with our new colleagues and to developing new applications.”

GeoZICHT will become a subsidiary of TAUW BV (as part of TAUW Group). André Evers has been appointed managing director of GeoZICHT, with Bob van der Meij as operational manager. GeoZICHT’s business location will change with this acquisition and will move from Houten to the TAUW office at Australiëlaan in Utrecht.

Photo: Henry Raben (General Director of TAUW Netherland), Bob van der Meij (operationeel manager GeoZICHT), Ralph van Roessel (co-CEO TAUW Group), André Evers (Director GeoZICHT) 

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