Tauw as prime contractor in soil and groundwater remediation

Not only does Tauw prepare and supervise remediation projects, we also act as the prime contractor for soil and groundwater remediations.

Tauw experts select a remediation contractor on the basis of your specific situation and the requirements of your project.

Given our knowledge and experience, we can deal with every type of soil and groundwater remediation project and provide tailor-made solutions.

For you as our client this results in a stress and problem-free remediation process. You have one primary point of contact for everything, from soil and groundwater assessment  to the execution (and evaluation) of the remediation project. Our experts and certified supervisors regularly visit the site to guarantee a smooth process, to ensure compliance with (safety) regulations and to ensure that the entire process is executed as agreed. If unexpected (for instance permit-related) issues arise during the project, the experts of Tauw are ready to deal with them.

Advantages of soil and groundwater remediation by Tauw

Based on framework agreements, Tauw has established long-term relationships with numerous  Customers. As a result, our experts know the ins and outs in terms of the site, project and customer requirements. We make sure that valuable information is not  lost due to the transfer of a project to a contractor and back. This assurance of information retention increases the likelihood of a successful outcome and a safe and secure execution of a project. In countries such as Italy and Spain, Tauw has already acquired a formidable reputation as a prime contractor for soil and groundwater remediation projects. Tauw’s position as an independent prime contractor is guaranteed, because we are not affiliated with any remediation contractor.

We select our subcontractors on the basis of your specific situation, your requirements and expectations and the appropriate techniques needed, such as in-situ remediation. We operate independently from other parties and their preferred applications, and we always find the best possible solution for your situation. Our approach ultimately saves time and expenses, which translates into a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Advantages of using Tauw as the prime contractor in soil and groundwater remediation projects:

  • we know everything about the site and remediation projects of our long-standing customers;
  • we operate independently and are not affiliated with any remediation contractor;
  • we provide information assurance;
  • we save you time and expenses;
  • we offer global experience.

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