Tauw becomes sponsor of Amref Flying Doctors

Tauw signed a 3-year sponsorship contract with Amref Flying Doctors on 13 June, thus supporting a water project in Kenya.


Amref Flying Doctors was founded over 55 years ago and has grown to become the most important health organisation in Africa. Amref aims to structurally improve the health of the most vulnerable population groups in Africa to enable them to escape from poverty and to improve their standard of living.

Tauw Contribution

During the first two years the Amref contribution will be earmarked for 'Clean drinking water and healthy Masai in Kajiado, Kenya'. This project focusses on the reduction in the number of water and sanitation-related diseases among the Masai by improving access to safe drinking water and sanitary facilities. This project will enable approximately 50,000 people to gain access to safe water and about 16,500 people will have access to sanitary facilities. These people will also receive training on personal hygiene. The programme runs until 2015.

More information on Amref at www.amref.org.

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