Tauw captures the Luxembourg’ market

Tauw is proud to announce the expansion of our activities to the Luxembourg market.

 With offices in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain, we operate successfully in an international environment. Our focus for the Luxembourg market will be soil investigations, follow up of soil remediation and air measurements. Our request for Soil accreditation was approved by the Luxembourg Authorities in December 2015. The Air accreditation is expected in the coming months.

The development of our activities have already started from our office in Gembloux (Belgium). Projects containing a soil remediation plan and groundwater monitoring for retail stations, and a soil investigation in the scope of an Environmental Due Diligence (EDD), has been launched.

The Luxembourg market offers a wide range of opportunities within our line of business. Based on our experience, we expect to create added value to our (future) customers.

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