Tauw CEO Annemieke Nijhof voted Top Woman of the Year

Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of consulting and engineering company Tauw Group, was voted Thursday September 24 Top Woman of the Year 2015.

Through this annual election the Foundation's ‘Top woman’ hopes to adress the persistent misunderstanding that there is not enough female talent available. The election was held this year for the eleventh time.

The CEO of Tauw received the award from jury president Pamela Boumeester, Commissioner at Ordina and Heijmans. Nijhof was praised for showing courage in the choices she made and because she successfully steered Tauw through the economic crisis years.
The jury also consisted of Nienke Meijer (Top Woman of the year 2014), Thessa Menssen (Top Woman of the year 2013), Onno Verstegen (Member of the Executive Board of Delta Lloyd) and Gerrit Zalm (Chairman of the Board of ABN AMRO).


In her speech Nijhof said that it is important to give young talent opportunities and room to grow, and she called on women to use their talents to the fullest. They also called for 'quality through diversity', from her conviction that diversity in an organization leads to better decision making.

Nijhof was one of three finalists for this prestigious election. The other two nominees were Manon van Beek (Country Managing Director, Accenture Netherlands) and Frederieke Leeflang (CEO of Boekel NV).

Annemieke Nijhof has been CEO of Tauw Group since 2012. She also holds a number of other functions, amongst which Commissioner for drinkwater company Evides and government commissioner at De Nederlandse Bank  (Dutch Central Bank).

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