Tauw contributes to Koole’s acquisition of BP Pernis site

Koole Terminals brought the aqcuisitioned BP terminal in Pernis into use by the end of July. The former BP site, which was already surrounded by the Koole Tankstorage Minerals B.V. site, has now been incorporated into it. Prior to the acquisition, Tauw was involved in the research which helped establish the acquisition price.

Soil investigation

Tauw was initially commissioned by BP to perform a soil investigation. The drilling plan, which had been drawn up before the soil investigation was carried out, was approved by both BP and Koole prior to the investigation. BP decided to engage Tauw for this investigation because of our familiarity with the location and the immediate surroundings (historically and recently) and because of our international framework contract with BP Remediation Management for activities within European countries.

Based on the results of the investigation and the historical information, Tauw formulated assumptions and boundary conditions for establishing the soil damage. The boundaries conditions and assumptions have been approved by both parties, as a result of which the costs related and involving soil remediation could be determined. Partly due to calculated costs, the deal between Koole and BP was concluded.

Various follow-up studies

The transfer of the land is now a fact. At the request of Koole – and with the approval of BP – Tauw is currently involved in various studies at the former BP terminal and the remaining Koole site.

Our activities thus include, for both Koole and for BP, soil and groundwater management plans, baseline soil investigations, remediation-oriented investigations, groundwater monitoring, remediation supervision, nature conservation permit, environmental permits, safety reports (including all supporting documents), emission reports and/or strategic environmental and soil consultancy.

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