Tauw contributes to the World Bank’s Study Tour on Nature-based Solutions

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) organizes a study Tour from 7 to 11 October 2019 on Nature based Solutions for a delegation from the World Bank. As part of the tour a network event took place on 9 October 2019 at the office of Deltares in Delft. Tauw led the delegation on an excursion to the Nassauhaven and Brienenoord Island.

10 october 2019 - The World Bank delegation - consisting of government officials from Albania, Georgia, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria - is keen to meet the Dutch water sector to learn from its work and to discuss various coastal programmes run by the World Bank and its partners. The delegation has a special interest in:

  • Nature based solutions for integrated coastal and riverine flood protection
  • Integration of nature based solutions in spatial planning and design and in coastal change mapping
  • Nature-based Solutions in the urban context. The focus in these areas is on technical solutions as well as governance, operation and monitoring

Our contribution
On 9 October, Tauw’s Lisa de Groot, programme manager of the River as Tidal Park programme, led the delegation on an excursion to the Nassauhaven and Brienenoord Island. The programme aims to replace the stone banks of the New Meuse River with attractive and resilient parkland areas where the river's tidal dynamics can be experienced. Fifteen collaborating parties, including Tauw, are working together to achieve this goal. For more information, see YouTube video (in Dutch):

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