Tauw Group and Geosan join forces

The Belgian soil expert and environmental consultant Geosan NV becomes member of Tauw Group BV. Therefore industrial clients of Tauw and Geosan get a strong impulse of expertise to assist and guide them in solving environmental problems, in complying with current rules and regulations, and in improving their sustainability.

Geosan is a strong and vital company and had recently expressed their wish to join Tauw Group. ‘Tauw seems to be the perfect partner for Geosan in developing our business and attaining our Strategic Goals in Belgium and in the North of France. The right haven for our employees and overall the partner who can support us in developing our product portfolio and servicing our customers even better’, says Héliane De Vlieghere-Haus, former Managing Director and founder of Geosan NV. The request of Geosan fitted perfectly in the ‘Strategy and Ambitions 2020’ of Tauw Group and Tauw Belgium.


On July 29th 2016, Tauw België NV acquired the shares of Geosan NV. ‘Growth by acquisition is a strategic priority of Tauw Belgium. We have the ambition to fully cover the Belgian territory by 2020. Welcoming a thoroughly sound player as Geosan is an important step in realizing this goal’, says Hervé Keirsse, Managing Director of Tauw Belgium. Keirsse continues: ‘Geosan, founded in 1989, was one of the first Belgian Soil Experts, a well-known brand with a good reputation, a strong regional presence and a healthy financial structure. By acquiring the Geosan shares, Tauw Belgium will drastically improve its market share and its market penetration in the provinces of West and East-Flanders and in Brussels. It also offers new opportunities to further penetrate the real estate and construction segment, an ambition shared by Geosan and Tauw Belgium.’

The Geosan offices in Belgium are located in Brussels, Gembloux and Izegem. In France there is an office located in Douai. Together they have an annual turnover of 2.8 million euros with 28 employees. Tauw Belgium has offices in Gembloux, Leuven and Lokeren. 60 employees generate an annual turnover of 7.5 million euros.

During an integration period of at least two years, the companies Geosan NV and Tauw België NV will continue to co-exist. In the meantime they will reinforce each other’s position on the Belgian market, in particular taking care of soil & groundwater contaminations and site (re)development.

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