TAUW Group appoints Jacolien Eijer-De Jong to speed up sustainable impact

On 5 September, 2022 Jacolien Eijer-De Jong [50] will join consultancy and engineering firm TAUW Group BV. She will lead the TAUW Group sustainability strategy and its implementation. Her appointment supports our ambition to become a European frontrunner in sustainability services, as expressed in the TAUW Group 2028 ambition.

26 August 2022

Ralph van Roessel, the co-CEO of TAUW Group, explains the importance of the new role: “To meet the challenges of our time, we firmly believe that consultancy and engineering firms such as TAUW can and must lead the way in becoming a more sustainable society. To do this, we should not only follow legislation but go beyond it. Our ambition is to be a frontrunner in sustainable solutions; to make the most sustainable impact both within the organisation and in our projects. We’re delighted that Jacolien identifies with our ambitions and wants to take on the challenge of steering our organisation as we increase our sustainable impact”. 

“During my time at the consulting and engineering association, I was impressed by the innovative power of engineers to drive sustainability further”, Eijer says. “My new role gives me the possibility to boost the potential of TAUW in the field of sustainability in both its services and business operations. By defining and implementing clear sustainable goals, I intend to accelerate the transition under way at TAUW Group. This fits perfectly with my desire to contribute to helping our society successfully complete the sustainable transition with as much impact as possible.”  

In recent years, Jacolien has been the director of NLIngenieurs, the professional association of engineering and (environmental) consultancy firms in the Netherlands. She previously gained experience at public and private organisations and has built up a broad (international) network. 

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