TAUW Group presents it's ambitions and 2022 results

TAUW’s annual report has been published as Our Living Ambition Report for the third year running

European Environmental Engineering Consultancy TAUW Group presents its 2022 results. Despite challenging market conditions, 2022 was a good financial year for TAUW Group. Revenu increased by 3% to EUR 147 million (2021: EUR 143 million) and the company saw autonomous growth of its workforce to 1,284 employees at the end of 2022 (2021: 1,262). EBITDA dropped to 8.5 million euros (2021: 10.6 million).

Ralph van Roessel, co-CEO of TAUW Group, “Board of Directors TAUW GroupEurope is facing major climate challenges in the physical living environment. TAUW Group will therefore devote even greater efforts to social issues such as climate change, biodiversity, improving sustainability in the industrial sector, circularity and the energy transition. Last year, TAUW Group made significant investments towards achieving those ambitions, which was possible thanks to TAUW Group’s strong base and solid financial position. With our new Director Sustainability, Jacolien Eijer, TAUW Group is more than ready to take that a step further both for the benefit of both our clients and our own organisation.”

In addition, TAUW intends to commit to a net zero carbon strategy shortly, thereby aiming to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and to reduce by more than 90% by 2050 TAUW has a track history of sustainability, with a long list of projects underlining sustainability as part of TAUW’s DNA. On that list, CEMEX in France and Aspen in the Netherlands are recent examples of waste water recycling and net-zero strategy study and consultancy, respectively.

“I am proud that through these projects we, as TAUW Group, are able to contribute to the challenges facing us today,” says Ralph.


TAUW Group as employer

Good employment practices was a top priority this year also, with a particular focus on social safety. “This is a crucial aspect of the people-oriented culture in our organisation,” explains Henrike Branderhorst, co-CEO of TAUW Group. “We are convinced that a safe, inclusive working environment that realistically reflects society – where people from different backgrounds, perspectives and talents are able to flourish – leads to greater job satisfaction for staff as well as better decision-making and more impactful solutions for clients. The number of women in senior management positions doubled in 2022. That demonstrates the success of TAUW’s policy to actively support female talent throughout the organisation. And I personally am very happy to see that,” Henrike concludes.

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We strive for a world in which nature and human activity coexist in harmony. TAUW consultants and engineers work every day, to offer advice, project management and project delivery around these social issues. It is how they help clients take the right steps towards the sustainable world we aim for.

All our efforts and results come together in Our Living Ambition report

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