TAUW Iberia received its SILVER EMAS certificate

TAUW Iberia received the EMAS Certificat in the Silver category, as one of the first companies being registered in the Community of Madrid, since 2002.

EMAS Registration

EMAS Registration (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, according to European Community Eco-Management and Audit Regulation) is a voluntary tool of the European Commission, which enables  companies that have implemented a management system to assess manage and improve their environmental impacts and periodically evaluate their performance by declaration verified by independent bodies.

In the twentieth anniversary of EMAS Registration, the Community of Madrid Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning has delivered the EMAS certificates issued by the European Commission to Madrid companies who have completed 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of accession to the EMAS environmental management system and audit.

Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid wants to recognize the attitude of companies and organizations who persevere in the continuous improvement of its environmental performance that goes beyond compliance with the implementation of environmental management systems, convinced that companies, which are the engine of wealth and job creation, can and must also be leaders improving the environment.

In the Community of Madrid 120 companies and institutions may look EMAS logo, which guarantees the reliability of the environmental information they provide, by evidence of exemplary evaluation and management of their environmental performance.

Environmental performance

"These companies have chosen, the Minister- affirmed, excellence in environmental performance and this places them at the forefront of the changes that are experiencing our production systems and the Spanish society as a whole".

In his presentation the Minister highlighted the companies that received EMAS "have shown the sustainability is not an accessory and temporary, but an essential element of its strategic planning, integrated decision making and activity of all the organization. Take care of the environment of a company results in cost savings, branding, attraction and retention of talent, customer loyalty and permanence in the markets."

The Minister presented the EMAS certificates to 104 companies in Madrid, one in gold category (over 15 years recorded), 29 in the Silver category (with more than 10 years in the registry) and 74 bronze (5 years EMAS).

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