Tauw launches Amfius: project developer regarding local heat and cold recovery

On 18 March 2019, Tauw Group BV launched an innovative scale-up: Amfius. Amfius is a project developer for the realisation of products in which local (residual) heat is used as a substitute for natural gas. The company uses this to heat and cool public objects such as swimming pools, schools and care facilities. Thanks to this local approach, Amfius is able to meet the local heating and cooling demand in a sustainable way.

Environmental heat

Amfius – active in the Dutch market – recovers heat and cold from the immediate surroundings using technology such as aquathermia, riothermia, ambient heat and residual heat. This means that lakes, ponds, sewers, sewage treatment plants and the like suddenly become sources of energy, which can be used by large energy providers to heat and cool things such as swimming pools and schools in a sustainable manner.

Tauw Group Director Ralph van Roessel welcomes the scale-up. ‘In order to boost the transition to a sustainable environment, we need innovation. And we put this into practice every day within our own Tauw organisation. It is wonderful to see how the innovative engineering brainpower of our advisors is now being applied through Amfius, making a substantial contribution to a cleaner and more sustainable world. This makes it evident that we are a truly adaptive organisation that is able to respond quickly to changing market conditions.’

From investment to realisation

By linking local heat sources to local heat consumers, Amfius brings supply and demand together. Amfius is transparent about costs, revenues and payback. The company takes the initiative in investment, construction and operation, thus taking care of everything.

Hans Westerhof, Director of Amfius: ‘The project development and the techniques we use are extremely suitable for implementation at facilities using heat, such as swimming pools, schools and care facilities. This way, we ensure that these objects are no longer dependent on fossil natural gas. It allows us to take concrete steps in the energy transition and continue to build a sustainable world.’

Swimming pool water heated by potatoes

The technology has been implemented in a swimming pool that is currently being heated by the residual heat produced by potato manufacturer CêlaVíta. Here, Amfius is working together with all parties involved to give substance to sustainability on a local level. Westerhof: ‘This type of project shows that with Amfius, we are able to respond quickly to the current transition into a sustainable society.’

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