Tauw manages tender procedure Province of North Brabant concerning Chemie-Pack

The winners of the contract for remediating the heavily polluted substrate on the premises of Chemie-Pack are Heijmans and BioSoil. The tender procedure for this project was (co-)managed by Tauw, in collaboration with the Province of North Brabant.

The remediation of the Chemie-Pack premises remains a socially and environmentally sensitive project. The fire that raged in January 2011 led to considerable concern and unrest throughout the region of Moerdijk and was given extensive coverage by the media. The demolition of structures above ground, the clearing (by order of the municipality of Moerdijk) of what was left after the fire, as well as the soil remediation, must all be carried out adequately and at affordable costs.

The executive parties Heijmans and BioSoil consider the project “to be exceptional and challenging, and one that requires a unique combination of underground remediation techniques”. Both companies are ready to combine many years of experience in handling remediation projects and microbiological expertise to clear the soil of pollutants. As soon as the contracts have been signed, further preparations will be made by Heijmans and BioSoil to commence work at the beginning of September.

Tauw’s role

Tauw has (co-)managed the entire tender procedure, including selection procedures, negotiations and contracting. Two rounds of dialogue were held during the process. In addition to managing the tender procedure, Tauw provided technical expertise in the area of water treatment technology and (in-situ) soil remediation techniques.

Tauw was also extensively involved in various disciplines in dealing with the consequences of the fire that raged on the Chemie-Pack premises. This enabled the organisation to understand the challenges and risks involved in the project, which in turn proved beneficial in managing the tender procedure.

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