Tauw presents ‘urban water management’ research results at Amsterdam International Water Week

Future water challenges require innovative and integral solutions. During the Amsterdam International Water Week (2 to 6 November) water will therefore be linked to themes such as food, energy and spatial planning. Tauw’s contribution will involve presentations about multifaceted research in the field of water in cities: ‘urban water management’.

Inspiring presentations

The central theme of this year’s Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is ‘Integrated solutions for a circular economy and resilient cities’. Tauw employees will share their ideas during six inspiring presentations. These will include Jeroen Kluck’s presentation on the analysis of the risks of a cloudburst in Amsterdam with the CLOUDS model, and Floris Boogaard, who, together with researchers from UK, Germany and Australia, will present the results of research into vegetated wadis, permeable surfacing and the influence of floating constructions on water quality.


Tauw clients and collaborative partners will also present results of studies in which Tauw was involved as a partner. One of them is Jonathan Tipping, teacher at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and researcher in Floris Boogaard’s team. He will demonstrate innovative rainwater solutions using the web tool www.climatescan.nl. The Climate Scan is a result of Tauw’s project on the influence of floating constructions on water quality.

Amsterdam International Water Week

The AIWW has an extensive programme, including the AIWW conference, the Aquatech Trade Exhibition, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards and a programme for young water professionals. For more information about the AIWW, go to internationalwaterweek.com.


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