Tauw presents (soil) innovations on NICOLE event

Last week NICOLE organised an international soil event in Bristol (England). Topics like data & risk, data quality, data management & visualization and risk management were discussed. Tauw colleagues Cathrien Heusinkveld-Bakker and Morrisson Kramer were asked to travel to England to give a presentation on sustainable data management and (the evaluation, reduction and management of) project risks.

The goal of the event was to exchange knowledge. “The emphasis was really on sharing experiences. It was enjoyable to exchange knowledge together with different clients and fellow agencies, without the direct emphasis on acquisition”, says Cathrien Heusinkveld-Bakker, who also wrote a blog on risk management.
Despite the non-commercial nature, NICOLE turned out to be a beautiful platform. It became clear that Tauw is one of the front runners regarding issues such as data management and risk management.

“We were able to show our Augmented Reality applications at the demo session, mainly the Contamination model, but also other models. We received enthusiastic comments from many people. It’s very reassuring to know the AR-application is still an innovative and effective tool for communication, and apparently there are industrial companies that still haven’t seen these tools”, says Morrisson Kramer, advisor information management at Tauw.

NICOLE (Network for Industrially Co-ordinated Sustainable Land Management in Europe) is a leading forum for industrially coordinated and sustainable land use in Europe. They regularly organize soil events, aiming to promote collaboration between industry, academics, consultancies and contractors regarding the development and application of sustainable technologies.

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