Tauw presents projects during European congress about sediment management in Genoa

Realizing new nature with sediments? Building with nature is hot and Tauw has been working on this theme for a while. During the 10th European congress about sediment management in Genoa we have presented some of our results by two oral presentations and a poster.

Distinctive in geotextiles

During the session Using sediments as a resource Chiel Lauwerijssen (Tauw Netherlands) has presented our experience regarding reuse of sediments in nature development projects. Since we have introduced the Sediment Storer in 2013, Tauw has been distinctive in applying geotextiles in nature development projects in The Netherlands. In each project we gain more knowledge from experience that we use to optimize our innovations and to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Non destructive research techniques

During the session Sediments moving to land, and soil moving to water Patrick Jacobs (Tauw Germany) has presented our experience regarding an innovative and non-destructive research method of Medusa (gamma-spectrometer) to identify hotspots of dioxines (PCDD/F) in a floodplain. Al lot of money can be saved, since suitable control measures can now be taken on these hotspots instead of the entire floodplain.

Our poster was about risk assessments of heavy metals in sediments. In our Tauw laboratory in the Netherlands we have conducted several experiments to characterize different kind of sediments and to determine the availability (flux) of contaminants to define risks for water quality. Download our poster here.

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