Tauw Soil Seminar in Tarragona, Spain

Tauw Iberia, part of Tauw Group, is organizing the next XI Tauw Soil Seminar on the 15th of September 2017 in Tarragona, Spain. During 3 days, more than 50 international experts from the 6 European countries where Tauw operates, and its partners from the US and Latin America, will have the opportunity to debate and share knowledge about the state of the art technologies and innovations in the soil and groundwater remediation sector.

In this special edition of the Tauw Soil Seminar, due to the participation of Tauw Iberia in the Chemical Industrial Association of Tarragona (AEQT) as business partner, the seminar will open its doors to the industry for the first time since the beginning of the Tauw Soil Seminar. The aim of this seminar is to share knowledge together with our industrial clients and interested parties, in a special
“open door” session.

Annemieke Nijhof (CEO Tauw Group) will close the event with a presentation about the perspective of the (petro) chemical sector in the Netherlands, particularly focusing on safety. Annemieke has been recently appointed as chair of the steering group for the ‘Sustainable Safety in Chemistry 2030’ program. The Dutch government, the industry and the scientific sector are working together in this program. The horizon for this collaboration is 2030, the dot on the horizon is a safe industry where no incidents occur with damage for residents and the environment.