Tauw starts an international traineeship

In June, Tauw started recruiting international trainees. In total we are hiring ten trainees (from six different countries) who want to be part of this unique and international adventure. Have you graduated (or are you about to) and do you want to kick-start your career? Apply now!


The international traineeship has 4 time periods:
- Half a year in country of origin
- Three months abroad
- Three months abroad
- Half a year in country of origin

By workshops and training you will get the opportunity to develop continuously, while working international projects.

What to expect?

Initially you will be given an 18-month contract (for the duration of the traineeship) with the intention of subsequent permanent employment, provided you have successfully completed the trainee programme both to our and to your own satisfaction. You will receive a competitive salary with attractive benefits. And you will of course embark upon a fantastic experience within our international Consulting and Engineering Company!

Hoe kunnen wij u helpen?

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