TAUW statement on the war in Ukraine

Like many others, we have followed the developments in Russia and the Ukraine over the last few weeks with great sadness. The immense act of Russian violence on Ukrainian soil astounded us. This violence is causing unnecessary harm to so many lives. In this desperate time, our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this war.

23 March 2022

We are convinced that we can only contribute to the restoration of peace as a company if we follow the EU policy and cease working in and for Russia and (partially) Russian-owned companies. TAUW has no people and/or activities in Russia or Belarus, however we are in the process of suspending our services to parties that are related to or financed by Russian or Russia-related companies. The consequences of the possible cessation of current services are being examined. New Russian-related projects will under no circumstance be accepted.

By doing so, we join hundreds of other companies and organizations that believe that together we can make a difference. Service suspension may be insignificant if implemented by individuals, but it can have a significant impact if implemented simultaneously by a large number of parties.

Aside from these business-related decisions, we want to actively support employee initiatives with the goal of helping those who have been harmed by this war on both Russian and Ukrainian soil. This is in addition to the donation that TAUW made to the International Red Cross.