TAUW’s position on the EU Soil Strategy

TAUW has written a position paper which, in our opinion, identifies factors that the European Commission (EC) should take into account when compiling soil-related legislation (soil and groundwater).

06 May 2021

European soil legislation

In 2006, the first step was taken towards developing soil-related legislation at European level. However, the initiative never resulted in legislation. We are now a few years down the line and the (worldwide) need for soil vitality is more pressing than ever before. The EC has thus once again taken the initiative to compile European soil legislation, in order to safeguard the vitality of our soil in the future.

During the EC’s consultation round, TAUW took a proactive stance by sharing the results of a questionnaire as well as its position and insights on the EU Soil Strategy. In fact, this position is well aligned with our TAUW Group Soil & Groundwater strategy for the coming years. Various soil specialists (both junior and senior) from the TAUW Group community in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain were involved developing our position.

This position paper matches our ambition to be a European front-runner, offers us an insight into upcoming changes in EU legislation and reinforces TAUW’s position in helping to create a more liveable planet.

Expertise on soil and ground issues

Our comprehensive expertise in the field of soil and groundwater issues can help to play a role in societal challenges like climate change, biodiversity, combatting (diffuse) pollution and creating future-proof habitats.

By compiling this position paper, we share our vision when it comes to maintaining and improving the vitality of soil. Thanks to our knowledge of European soil legislation, and our expertise as cutting edge consultant in the field of Soil & Groundwater, we are able to make an active contribution when shaping policy and offering practical solutions at an international level. Naturally, when working for our clients, our advice always takes into account the needs and preferences of our clients.

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