The Maasai thank Tauw

Tauw sponsors Amref Flying Doctors. The project we sponsor -‘Clean water, healthy Maasai’- was completed at the end of 2015. A good time to look back: what results have been achieved? Of course there is also a new project that is about to be launched: ‘Clean water, a matter for everyone!’ in Addis Abeba, Afar and Oromia (Ethiopia).

The project in retrospect

Kajiado (a province in Kenya) is an arid area with few sources of safe drinking water. The region is inhabited by the nomadic Maasai who roam the plains with their cattle. The lack of safe water and knowledge about hygiene is the cause of a lot of diseases, in particular among (pregnant) women and young children.

This project focused on reducing the number of water and sanitation related diseases among the Maasai by improving access to safe drinking water and sanitary facilities.


The ‘Clean water, healthy Maasai’ project ran from 2012 until the end of 2015. The results (up to June 2015) Amref has been able to realise with this project, thanks to the financial support of a number of companies including Tauw, are listed below:

  • 45,000 people gained access to safe drinking water thanks to new or repaired water sources.
  • Approximately 80 water committees have been trained in the use, management and protection of the water sources.
  • More than 30 villages have been declared Open Defecation Free (defecation no longer takes place outside).
  • Almost 15,000 people have gained access to sanitary facilities.25 teachers have been trained to give lessons in schools about hygiene and sanitation.
  • 40,000 people have been educated in hygiene and sanitation.

Good results, which become really tangible when a local project manager talks about one of the wells which was realized with our financial support.

To ensure (financial) sustainability, well users pay a small fee for the water in proportion to usage. This is how the community saves for the upkeep of the well. The poorest families, who cannot afford the fee, do not have to pay.

Looking ahead: ‘Clean water: a matter for everyone!’

The five-year health programme ‘Clean water: a matter for everyone!’ will be launched in 2016. A lack of drinking water, poor sanitation and waste (living in slums) lead to unhygienic situations in the urban areas of Addis Abeba, Afar and Oromia (Ethiopia). This often results in health problems.

Local authorities do not have the financial means or the expertise to tackle the problems. In addition policies frequently fail to be effectively implemented. Amref Flying Doctors will start tackling these problems with the support of Tauw. More than 140,000 people in slums and other poor areas will ultimately benefit from this project that focuses on:

  • Providing information and training on hygiene to children in schools and slum dwellers.
  • Installing and expanding facilities for clean water and sanitation in slums and schools with the assistance of local partners.
  • Training local authority employees and giving them support in their management tasks. Partnering with the local business community and involving citizens in the decision making process.
  • Motivating (and supporting) young people and women to set up sustainable small businesses related to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. For example public showers and toilets.

Tauw & Amref Flying Doctors

Tauw signed a three-year contract with Amref Flying Doctors in June 2014. This means we have committed ourselves to the Amref water-related programmes. For more information about Amref Flying Doctors and the wonderful projects that they carry out visit

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