Turkey wastewater project successfully completed

Tauw has made a major contribution to the project ‘Development of an Appropriate Methodology for Wastewater Treatment in Small and Medium Sized Municipalities in Turkey’. The focus of the support given by Tauw to the Turkish councils was on technological expertise in the field of domestic wastewater treatment.

The focus of the project was mainly on the support of the Illerbank and the Ministry for the Environment in Turkey concerning the implementation of the European Wastewater Guideline and particularly on planning and the design of small-scale wastewater treatment.

Quite a challenge

Turkey is faced with the challenge of realising more than 3,000 wastewater treatment plants in a relatively short period and making sure that these plants will continue functioning properly in the long term. This is quite a challenge for the Illerbank who are responsible for the realization of the bulk of the project. Besides the need for more technological expertise there are lots of organizational bottlenecks that have to be tackled. The project offered the Illerbank assistance to enable them to carry out this task efficiently and adequately. Thus a handbook was published containing not only recommendations for technical aspects such as plant design, but also organizational aspects in the field of the decision-making process, management and funding.


Various pilots have been carried out for this project the focus being on both recently realised wastewater treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants that were still in the design or planning stage. In this respect Tauw’s wastewater technologists have made huge contributions benefiting the interested parties in Turkey. Their technological expertise and advice could be put into practice straightaway.

The result of the project is shown on the Illerbank website.

Tauw carried out the project in a consortium with Ameco Environmental Services from Utrecht and the Turkish partner IBS Research and Consultancy from Istanbul. The project was part of a Dutch support programme for future EU countries with the objective of stimulating bilateral cooperation between public bodies (G2G). Dutch government organisations Wereld Waternet and Infomil took part for the Netherlands.

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