Workshop on Decommissioning of industrial activities

During the last years, Tauw Iberia, with a broad technical and environmental management experience in decommissioning and restructuring of industrial sites, as well as Uria y Menéndez, a distinguished law firm with a large track record advising companies on their legal and environmental liabilities concerning disinvestments, have advised and defended the interests of many clients on decommissioning and disinvestment.

The existing economic crisis present in almost the totality of the Spanish industrial sector has forced a large number of industries to (partially or totally) close down their production plants, or to reorientate and optimize their business’ operations.

Based on the above mentioned situation, Tauw Iberia and Uria y Menéndez have determined that some issues like existing environmental liabilities (in soil and groundwater), its transfer, liabilities concerning future environmental responsibilities as well as obtaining permits from the public administrations concerned, represent an additional difficulty to an already complex process of industrial decommissioning or disinvestment.

Due to the complexity of these processes, they have to be approached from a wide and independent point of view which implies considering different legal liabilities and complex technical specification.

Through this workshop, Tauw Iberia and Uria Menéndez wanted to offer their clients the possibility to clarify concepts, uncertainties and to share experiences related to the problematic of industrial site closure. Industries and public administrations had the opportunity to exchange experiences and different points of view related to decommissioning and disinvestment.

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